siti per trovare amici LARUSMIANI MILANO | 男士 | Collection Fall/Winter 2016 / 2017 | Look 08

cerco trans a milano incontri in auto Guglielmo Miani“The typically Italian virtue of knowing how to create beautiful, well-made things should not be forgotten. The secret of a real man’s style lies in knowing the rules as well as breaking them”.
Art influences the wardrobe of the Larusmiani Gentleman, always an acute observer who appreciates the world’s beauty.
A massaggi per adulti milano HANDMADE SUIT is a dream that becomes reality. A reality made up of craftsmanship combined with Larusmiani textile know-how, strengthened from generation to generation. Fine fabrics – wool, cashmere and silk, also in blends, create delicate contrasts.
The single e friends SHIRT. Impeccable, with embroidered initials, mother of pearl buttons and its 17 steps carried out by hand. Available in cotton flannel and cashmere, or printed silk, to give a new interpretation to a piece like the formal suit.
The chat libere non a pagamento TIE. Seven folds, in silk, solid colour or with geometric patterns. Here too, it’s natural instinct that guides the gentleman in the right direction. It takes no more than a pleasurable few seconds to decide the right match with the suit. Always remembering the knot should never be wider than your thumb.
The chat amicizia donne POCKET SQUARE. Indispensable, folded with care or tucked nonchalantly into the top pocket of the jacket. Timeless and essential, matching siti incontri italiani SOCKS with trousers and shoes. Seemingly unstudied, the aim is always a perfectly harmonious colour combination: never short if worn with a suit, and much less white, unless you own a thirty metres yacht.
The incontri per adulti a palermo SHOES. They must be ones for each occasion, such as the beaver-fur lined sneakers to wear also with formal suits, or the classic Larusmiani oxford, exclusively handmade by expert craftsmen with the finest leathers. The eye-catching size of the shoe indicated on the heel with tacks hammered by hand, is just one of a number of small details that speak of craftsmanship and made in Italy passion.
From the city to the mountain, a gentleman on his travels takes on a more relaxed, dandy attitude, wearing his indispensable cashmere overcoat and packing crew neck sweaters in fine, noble fibres in his suitcase. Colours reflect the raw, dry pigments of the earth – yellow ochre, beige, brown, innumerable shades of grey and bold touches of red, with amber brushstrokes, like lines on a contemporary artist’s canvas.
The Larusmiani gentleman expresses his personality with nonchalance, without excess, elegant almost by chance.  

LARUSMIANI MILANO | 男士 | Collection Fall/Winter 2016 / 2017 | Look 08
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